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What's New

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Update 17/07/05 Website

Dept Issue Indiana State Police - Officer (C.J. Mayer Indianapolis "This Design Copyrighted Indiana State Police") badge added.

Update 28/04/05 Website

Dept Issue California Highway Patrol - Traffic Officer HM Blackinton 14 K.T. Gold Filled badge added.

Update 17/02/05 Website

Dept Issue Kentucky State Police - Trooper (Entenmann Los Angeles) badge added.

Update 14/12/04 Website

Dept Issue Indiana State Police - Detective (C.D. Dyer & Co) badge added.

Update 13/09/04 Website

Dept Issue Arizona Highway Patrol - Patrolman (Entenmann Los Angeles 15) badge added.

Update 23/06/04 Website

Dept Issue Mississippi Highway Patrol - Patrolman (Blackinton) badge added.

Update 30/05/04 Website

Dept Issue Idaho State Police - Lieutenant HM Ed Jones - Oakland, Ca badge added.

Update 09/04/04 Website

Dept Issue Utah Highway Patrol - Trooper HM Sun Badge Co badge added.

Update 23/02/04 Website

Dept Issue Nevada Highway Patrol - Trooper HM Entenmann-Rovin badge added.

Update 19/02/04 Website

Two new badges added :

1) Dept Issue Montana Highway Patrol - Colonel HM Irvine & Jachens.

2) Dept Issue Illinois State Police - Master Sergeant HM CH.Hanson Chicago.

U.S. SP/HP badge section updated with new high quality scans.

Update 15/11/03 Website

Better quality scans added for Washington S/P and North Dakota H/P badges.

Update 12/11/03 Website

Dept issue Washington State Patrol badge added HM Nielsen CW. Better scans of the badge coming soon.

Update 08/09/03 Website

Dept issue North Dakota Highway Patrol - Captain badge Hallmarked Entenmann - Rovin added to my collection.

One of the rarest and most difficult to find U.S. SP & HP badges.

Update 02/09/03 Website Design Update

U.S. Map added to Police SP/HP Badge section, About Me section updated. New SCHP Badge scan added.

Update 26/05/03 New Items Added

Dept Issue North Carolina State Highway Patrol badge added, highest rank MASTER TROOPER. The NCSHP is hallmarked Blackinton.

Update 17/05/03 New Items Added

Very rare Dept issue NEW MEXICO STATE POLICE badge added, 3 digit number and Hallmarked Sun Badge Co.

Also added SOUTH CAROLINA HIGHWAY PATROL badge, 3 digit number made by Irvine Hahn, older issue.

Update 27/02/03 New Items Added

Alabama Dept Of Public Safety Trooper badge added, hallmarked Blackinton 24k KaratClad. The badge is not current issue and has full color state seal but was authorized by the department as issue breast badge to be worn by Alabama State Troopers.

Update 11/02/03 New Items Added

Very rare Dept Issue Oklahoma Highway Patrol - Patrolman badge added to my SP & HP collection. The OHP badge hallmarked "Leavens" aka "Leavens Awards Co" which were making OHP badges in the mid 1940's - 1950's. Big Thanks for all the information about the maker courtesy of Oklahoma HP Magazine Editor Al Ritter & dear friend William Mauldin.

Update 03/12/02 New Items Added

Dept Issue Georgia State Patrol badge added to my collection. Thank you Ronnie.

Update 02/12/02 New Items Added

I made new design for US State Police & State Highway Patrol badge section with entirely new list of badges.

New Extremly rare State Police badges are added to my collection with big pride and honor to those agencies they represent.

Some of my most rarest added badges are Alaska State Troopers HM Entenmann Rovin also dept issue Maryland State

Police and Virginia State Police made by Irvine Hahn badge company, also Nebraska State Patrol badge made by Everson

Ross is added to my collection. Please check USA SP/HP badge section for detailed scans of the badges.

Help is most wanted and appreciated for any State Police badges i don't have.

Work Safe and Best Regards from Israel.


Update 08/08/02 New Items Added

Issued Wisconsin State Patrol Badge Hallmarked Blackinton.


Update 24/07/02 New Items Added

33 Very hard to find FBI Patches, all marked GMAN & VWE,

1) FBI - Kentucky (Gman)

2) FBI - San Diego (Gman)

3) FBI - Tampa Division (Gman)

4) FBI - NY Office SSG Y2K (Color) (Gman) - only 100 made.

5) FBI - NY Office SSG Y2K (Black) (Gman) - only 100 made.

6) FBI - Washington Joint Terrorism Task Force (Gman) (Green).

7) FBI - Washington National Capital Responce (Color) (Gman).

8) FBI - Washington Capital Responce Squad (Green) (Gman).

9) FBI - Phoenix SWAT (Black) (Gman).

10) FBI - Seattle Division (Whale) (Gman).

11) FBI - Elko, Nv Resident Agency (Gman).

12) FBI - Persindential Inauguration 2001 (Gman).

13) FBI Sniper Ribbon (Gman).

14) FBI - San Diego (Gman).

15) FBI - Pittsburgh (Color) (Gman).

16) FBI - Badge Patch (Big Gold Mylar) (Gman).

17) FBI - Badge Patches (Color and FBI SWAT Subdued) (Gman).

18) FBI NY SSG (Eye on the city) (Gman).

19) FBI - Indiana Division (Color) (Gman).

20) FBI - Alaska Division (4 Scenes) (Gman).

21) FBI - Financial Crimes Section (Color) (VWE).

22) FBI - Penttbomb Investigation - AZ Tech Operations 09-11-01 (Gman).

23) FBI - Washington JTTF (Color) (Gman).

24) FBI - Arizona Technical Operations (Color) (Gman).

25) FBI - Washington Millenium on the Mall (Color) (Gman).

26) FBI - JTTF Miami, Florida (Color) (Gman).

27) FBI - Alaska "A little less Talk and alot more Action II" (Color) (Gman).

28) FBI - Springfield Division (Color) (Gman).

29) FBI Polygraph (Color) (Gman).

30) FBI & NJSP JTTF (Gman).

31) Federal Task Force - Northern, Nevada Bomb Technician (Gman).

32) FBI - Crimes Against Children (Color) (VWE).

33) FBI - NYTTOC JTF (Color) (Gman).





Update 14/06/02 New Items Added

1. Issued North Carolina State Highway Patrol Badge Trooper Rank Hallmarked Blackinton.

2. Issued NCSHP Duty Uniform Shirt.


Update 16/04/02 New Items Added

1. Issued South Carolina Highway Patrol Badge Trooper Rank, and 3 digit number.

2. Three New Uniform Shirts :

1) San Francisco PD - Shirt With SFPD Patches, and Corporal Stripe.

2) Baltimore County, Maryland - Shirt with Two Patches.

3) Halifax Regional Police, Canada - Shirt with Two Patches.

3. Following Patches Added :

Columbus, Ohio PD

Charlotte Mecklenburg,Nc PD

Springfield, Missouri PD

Las Vegas, Metropolitan PD

Wichita, Kanasa PD - Old Style

New Hampshire State Police Bomb Disposal Unit

Tallahasse, Florida PD

Corbin, Kentucky PD

Sourth Carolina Highway Patrol


Update 5/04/02 New Items Added

Issued Phoenix, Arizona Badge Officer 4 digit number, and hallmarked Entenmann Rovin.

New Federal Patches added :

1) INS Officer - Badge Patch.

2) US Secret Service - Badge Patch.

3) FBI New Orleans Gang Task Force

4) FBI Bank Robbery Apprehension Team

5) FBI SWAT Alaska.

6) FBI Jacksonville

7) FBI Metro Armed Robbery Squad - Dekalb Atlanta & Gwinnett Cobb

8) US Marshal Service - Eastern District of NY.

9) DEA Cocaine Intelligence Unit - Very Special Patch.

10) US Marshal Service - USU9 Deputy Marshal


Update 27/03/02 New Items Added

New Federal Patches added :

1) ATF - NY Drug Task Force


3) FBI - Miami

4) FBI - Sniper Chicago

5) FBI - Omaha Division

6) FBI - SWAT Utah

7) FBI - Officer HQ

8) CID - Dept Of Treasury Special Agent - Badge Patch

9) CIA - Security Protective Service

10) US Marshal Service - South Texas

11) US Marshal Service - Southern District of NY.

* FBI BallCap added with blue FBI letters.


Update 15/03/02 New Items Added :

1) Very Rare and almost impossible to find issued Kansas Highway Patrol badge added, hallmarked Entenmann Rovin 1957.

GF (Gold Filled). Also added Arizona Highway Patrol hat badge hallmarked Entenmann Rovin, and Kansas Highway Patrol Troop - K

Collar Pin Hallmarked Entenmann Rovin.


Update 07/03/02 New Items Added :

1) Extremly difficult to obtain current style issued numbered and hallmarked Colorado State Patrol badge added.

New patches added :

1) Atlanta, Georgia PD

2) San Jose PD

3) Santa Monica PD

4) Beverly Hills PD


Update 08/02/02 New Items Added :

1) After a very long search thanks to one of the the collectors, i finally add this great ISSUED California State Police SGT badge.

Here is a short description of this badge.

This CSP Badge is Gold 7 Point Star, Numbered with 4 digit number, with Applied Sergeant Rank and Hallmarked :


San Dimas, Ca.

Made in USA

In the middle of this hallmark there is a big P (Probably a Production ID Number).

The Badge shows hard black enamel on the California State Police wording.